Monday, 14 January 2013

My Korean Little Holiday.

Had last week off work so rather than making the sensible choice like everyone else and fly off to some warm country I decided to stay in Korea. On the agenda was to hit up a new snowboarding spot....Yong Pyong. Home to the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a companion for my little winter Wonderland, but this didn't stop me from having an excellent time. Seeing as it was midweek there were no lines, no waiting of any kind and probably snowboarded more in these two days than the last few weeks at Muju.

This was also my first night ski opportunity... The added danger of darkness to flying down the slopes with reckless abandonment. Brilliant.

It's also home to a 5.6km run that needed a gondola to reach the was worth it just from the views at the top...but the run down had me chuckling to myself all the way down. Just loads of fun.

I think the bath at the end of the night was the best thing that has ever happened to me.....I had a great two days and will definitely be heading back at some point.

Next stop was a little Seoul break...nice to get away from Daejeon from a little bit and it was about time to upgrade my wardrobe. Seeing as I'm a little large in Korea, Seoul is really the best place to buy some new clobber. Pushing the boat out for a fancy hotel in Myeong dong, the shopping area of Seoul, I'm best prepared to attack Sales, shops and the general hub ub of shopping.

Didn't take long to remember I hate shopping....but had a great time wandering around Seoul and people watching and drinking coffee and happy to just not be at work.

Next week however......English Camp! 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello a new year...

What a year it's been. I'm still in Korea but in a new city, making new friends and new experiences along the way.  I have discovered a love for snowboarding that is slowly getting out of control, and to end the year off have found myself behind the bar instead of in front of it....return to barman status.

Let's start with the bar tending job....I was supping (a disgusting Korean) ale in one of the expat bars and chatting to the manager, commenting on how it would be pretty funny to work in a bar as a foreigner in Korea. It was laughed and forgotten about until a few beers later when I was chatting to the manager again asking to work there.....Boasting of my vast bar experience (Mola Club, The Boat, TBI), it was again laughed off with no real serious inclination to work behind a bar again. Leave that for the young folk.....A skinful later and on my way out of the bar the manager comes up and asks if I was being serious....."of'd be great...i'd love to" was my reply....

skip forward a couple of days and i get a message asking if I was still interested and that if I was to come and meet the manager in a couple of days....OK. What's a conversation with the owner? I mean let's see what the deal thing I know I've met the owner who upon 5 minutes of meeting me sticks me behind the bar and I have a bar job in Korea. Seeing as I am not allowed 2 jobs in Korea, I work for free....drinks.

My first main shift on a Saturday night was brilliant. Chatting rubbish to people, flirting outrageously, bar room banter and the added benefit of free drinks...whilst working...culminated by eventually getting home at about 730am and realising I've had an amazing night out and not spent a penny...Oh what a funny life Korea is making for me!!!

I guess there will be more bar stories to follow!!!!

I still love living in Korea and feel very fortunate in a job that pays me very well that I enjoy. I get the opportunity to meet new people all the time and I'm in one of the friendliest countries I have ever been to. Add to that parties, snowboarding, festivals all the time, great food and terrible K-pop (you've only had me there's a lot more) music then I can say I'm happy. I hope everyone else is too.

If 2013 is as half as good as 2012 then I'm gonna still have a great time. But I've got a feeling this year may prove to be even better...