Thursday, 16 February 2012


So getting my hair cut in Korea is the second scariest thing I have had to do after getting off the plane. It's  a funny experience. Not being too fussy I found a cool little place on the main street. They don't speak a blip of English and it wasn't a bar situation so my Korean here is very limited. So hand gestures and smiles and the chick gets that i'm here for a haircut...yes I also thought this might have been obvious seeing as I was in a hair salon. So here we go..."cut short please" .....................tumbleweed! Crap! So I find a picture on my phone and point...smiles and hand gestures. So a funky haired guy takes me to wash my hair.....all pretty standard so far. We mumble a few phrases...yup teacher....English....oh you like Radiohead and Park Ji Sun, that's nice, me too...yup teacher...

OK hair cut time....i'm sweating profusely at this stage...what am I gonna end up with??!!! she uses the phone for reference and everything seems to be going as normal....until one of the helpers comes along and is standing there just watching....ok....then another helper comes along and just starts watching me!!! hmmm ok....guys, there's a really big mirror right in front of me...I can see you watching me!!! They have a little chuckle now and then (I assume at me expense)...and every now and then the help brush some hair from my face. And then the cutting stops. Thank God...It looks OK....I'm half expecting the helpers to start applauding...but no....i'm taken back the the wash station and they wash my hair again....ooohhh fancy. Thanks.....oh you're washing behind my ears as well. Finally it's back to the chair to make myself look fabulous darling.....and it;s all over.

I go to pay...I'm joined by the girl that cut my hair, two helpers and the cashier.....I pay they all grab the door give me a little bow, we say goodbye and I feel like so overwhelmed getting a haircut....I felt a little bad cause all the time I was there no one else had the same attention....

SNAP!!! What the!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!

As I walk out a random Korean girl takes a photo of me and walks off!!!

What a bizarre afternoon

As far as haircuts go it was OK...I had the obligatory Korean cut around the ear...Look it up.Every Korean has no hair in the vicinity of his ear lobe

I'll leave with another picture
It's been cold lately