Monday, 31 March 2014

Seoul Flea Market.....and a nice breakfast!

Took a little trip up to Seoul post's a pain in the ass but if I need to buy clothes or shoes I need to mission up from Daejeon. Dan came up with me cause he was gonna order his bike. 

While he was faffing around I stumbled across a huge flea market. I was nice to potter around there for about an hour. All kinds of things there from giant garden ornaments to third or fourth hand phone battery chargers. Booze shops, hiking shops, tool shops and tucked in the corner was a little sex toy booth. For such a conservative country as Korea I was completely taken aback by it. People generally scooted through a little quicker when they were near the booth. Oh Korea. 

On Sunday I went to an amazing little place that is a British inspired brunch/coffee shop. Millionaire shortbread, scones, lemon curd, red onion chutney to name but a few of the delicacies they have there. And the Korean lady that works there, who i presume is the owner, has the most interesting English accent. Always a little surprising hearing an English accent from a Korean person.  This is the closest thing to a full English as you're gonna get here in Korea....think they're going to get to know me very well.