Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Another reason to love Korea

Finally getting to grips with this bum knee situation. It's now (what feels like) day 1500 and I have seen the physio for the first time. Seems like a nice chap, much better than the last plonker I saw at the last hospital.

Takes me in straight away and says that I can ditch the crutches..."it's been long enough on those, unless you have pain you don't kneed them...(chuckle)"

I go through and get some physiotherapy that includes; electro acupuncture, stretching, heat wraps and more electrodes, taking about an hour. I was a touch worried at the cost of this, but with my insurance it comes to the mind blowing cost of 7000 won....this is about 4 quid. I mean what's the point of charging really.

But I'm all the better for it (well the doc was a little concerned with the swelling still in my knee....but we're watching that) and off to my favourite coffee and I'm met with such surprise and splendour of not being on crutches anymore I get a free portion of scones with jam and butter. Whilst not UK standard it was exceedingly pleasant. The gesture meaning more than anything else.

So here's to lees hopping along and more stumbling along....tbc

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

50 Days and counting.....

Day 50 on crutches!!!!

I'm a broken man....all the other joints in my body hurt now...hip, elbows, wrists, other knee, ankle!!!

Hopefully not much longer to go....the crutches are starting to fall apart......

FED UP!!!! grrrrrrrrr