Monday, 14 November 2011

Likes and Dislkes

OK so I haven't blogged in about 2 months...oops. So for my latest instalment I'm gonna share with you some of my likes and dislikes about Korea. Things that rock and things that make me want to jump on a plane tomorrow...Top 10's are quite popular so here goes. Let's start with the Likes

10 things I like about no particular order

1: I'm tall. I am a giant amongst men here. An odd one I know but it really has it's perks. I can see over 97% of people here. I never get an armpit in the face on a bus. On the contrary, some poor little Korean gets my stinky Western pit.
People can just about always find me. So getting split up from a group in busy street situations is handy cause i'm always in sight.

2: Teaching. I love it. It's great over here to be a guest teacher. The kids love you just because you're slightly different. They're so open and sometimes a little too forward, but that's part of the charm. They make me feel like a rockstar somedays and tell me i'm handsome about 50 times a day. I mean who wouldn't want to hear that??!!

3: The people. I've met some awesome people all over the country now. Mainly other foreign teachers but from all over. There's a good little family growing over here that you can depend on. Plus they all love a beer so it's all good.
Koreans though, are some of the nicest people I've come across. They just want to help you all the time and nothing is too much trouble. They have made my stay here so much easier to deal with. Thanks guys!!

4: Norebang. This one surprised me. Singing and me don't get on too famously, but these little karaoke booths are just an absolute laugh. Doesn't matter if you can't one can. But your pissed so you just get involved....and you're always going to be better than the locals. They can't sing for beans.

5: Soju. The local tipple. Russia meets the east. Vodka meets casual drinking any time working lunch or not. Potent as cobra venom yet rather easy on the pallet. All in all dangerous but rather fantastic. Gives you one heck of a headache the next day though.

6: Cheap transportation. Yup it costs about 70p to travel anywhere. Awesome. They have a great bus policy. If the bus can hold say 100 people, at rush hour your likely to see about 750 people on any one bus. Another plus point for being tall...cause a bus full of that many people aint so fresh.

7: The Food. I've had some great food here. Ok I'm going to start with my favourite restaurant Saloon B. This place is just round the corner from my flat, and it sells burgers. But they are no normal McD's or anything. hand made, special sauce, seasoned chips fantasticness. I just made that up. I know it's not an Asian restaurant but so what. Those burgers kick ass. Korean food is also pretty good. They have restaurants where they bbq food right in front of you, good sushi restaurants and basically all the good stuff you can do with rice they can rock it out.

8: The View. Korea is beautiful. Mountains everywhere. I wasn't sure what to expect, and i thought it'd be more south east asiany, but it's more japanesey. Especially now we are heading into spring and winter. The colours are changing and the weather is bearable. One of my favourite things to do during my lunch break is to go onto the roof of my school with a book, cup of tea and sit and read and admire the view.

9: The keyless society....where we're going we don;t need keys. All, or most of the apartments in korea all have pin code door locks. No more lost keys, no more having to take your keys running. Noone can pick your lock. Hands full of shopping, no worries just beep beep beep beep and you're in. Thanks.

and if i had to pick one more....
10: Taxi Drivers!!!! These guys are hilarious. They all have 10inch sat nav screens that are permanently tuned into tv channels. Even when driving they'll have an episode of korean Emerdale on or something. At night they can be a pain, but if you get a cool one that will get you home 'speedy'...had a chap drive 180km and hour through red lights and all to drive me home....Jesus Christ handles at the ready..and the best part is that they are dirt cheap. sometimes there;s no point using public transport.

OK so there's my top 10 likes....stay tuned for the dislikes!

Chubb out