Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Holidays, water parks, rugby, beer-bowling and BBQ's....and that's just one long weekend

Hello folks

Been a while since I was on here so thought I would let you all know about Chuseok. Can't pronounce it welcome to my world. OK here goes CHOO-SUCK...It's the Korean version of Thanksgiving and is a pretty big deal. It also means that I get 5 straight days off work....Thanks very much!!!! I should point out that this was from the 3rd - 4th September....(sorry for my tardiness)

A bunch of us oegug-in (yeah I'm gonna bust out some Korean every now and again....WAY-GOOK IN...it means foreigner) decided to go to a water park and about an hour away and then go on to a place called Pohang to go watch the rugby and party.
Water park would have been great had it not been freezing and raining....we're water park ninja's though and battle through it....It's here that I get my first experience of Korean changing room culture....these guys are not shy....and well to be honest a lot of them should be!!!!

Water Park in the Rain
A fun day had by all at the freezing rainy water park leads on to go and watch the rugby (ENG VS ARG) in Pohang. "Where do we stay" I think to myself.....Korean experience number 2 Love Motels...You can rent these out by the hour should you so wish and purchase "bedroom" items all along the corridor. Didn't think I'd be sharing my firsgt night in a love motel with two dudes but there we go...best way to not feel weird about this....lets get mullered...."what's that Jaeger?....Oh you know how to screw with me....thanks" I'd fill in the blanks but my family might be reading this....well actually I can;t remember a whole lot.
Scene of the Crime
Sunday started off rather slowly....bacon bagel and a starbucks coffee and I'm ready to fall asleep on the bus home....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Then into town for more beer and rugby!!!! A whole bunch of Safa's here so I had to support Wales....a lose lose situation for me.

Hangover food....Egg and Potato???

Weather turns out great the next day....shame that water park has now closed forever...so what better way to remember the day before yesterday.....BEER BOWLING!!! Rules are simple....after your second throw however many pins are left standing.....that's the number of shots of beer you have to do. Being the bowling expert I was pretty rubbish but poor Paul...his last round had to do 10 shots! Ouch....I reckon I could get Sky Sports into it....

Well it was game over after that as well I think....fill in the blanks as you see fit...

"BBQ and cricket in a park?" Yes PLEASE!!!!
So the plan is to try and not drink so much....it started off so well....the main result was finding beef in a supermarket...couldn't help myself...
me to supermarket employee...."cut me off somma that there cow please sir"
employee to me "wha?"
me: "moooooooooooooo" (hand slicing gesture)
employee: "oh you mean beef..sure thing"

ok so some Koreans can speak English....

Please Note the Large Bottle of Maegju (BEER) in Paul's Hand!! 

BBQ and beer and cricket all go down well until the fuzz show up....a friend brought with her a hookah with some funny smelly tobacco. Passers by were convinced we were all puffing the reefer...Koreans aren't too happy about marijuana in these here parts. One way ticket back home if they catch you. So they obviously didn't think too highly of us...After a few words and offering the pipe to the copper he realised we weren't stoners. Until they left and we brought out the crack pipe!!!
After that it gets a little blurry....a couple of beers perchance???

Back to work on Thursday and Friday and then off for the weekend....when I rule the World 2 day working weeks is where it's at!

 More to come folks....Rugby World Cup going on...birthdays coming up...watch this space....

Chubb saying good bye

Sunday, 4 September 2011

First month done...

So I have been in Korea for one month now and it's been a brilliant experience. What a good decision to come over here....the people are super friendly, the kids, for the most part, are great and keep me laughing through the day and I've met some great Western friends who are showing me the ropes so I don't end up either lost or eating something I shouldn't. 

I'm finally getting into a routine at my school and have started teaching the English Town sections. There are different students from elementary and middle schools everyday. They're all pretty excited because it's a break from their normal routine. Korean kids work and study just about all day. They're in school from about 0830 and when the finish school they all go to English classes or music lessons and all sorts. Most of them don't get home until 10pm. Mental!!! So I try and make it as much fun as possible for them. But it's pretty repetitive so I look forward to my normal teaching lesson with my Gifted Students.
 My view on the way to work...

Out of school I've been lucky enough to meet some pretty cool people. Which means that I get to have the traditional meet and greet drinks/piss up. Although every weekend people are going out. They party hard over here. Go Hard or Go Home...
I have also had my first norebang, which for all you lot means kareoke...and for those of you who have been privileged enough to here me sing will not be surprised that I butchered Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody...sorry Freddy. My Bad!
I've also been initiated into the Makeoli Drinking Membership Association, which is held on the first Thursday of every month..."Makeoli?" I hear you say..."Oh, it sounds so exotic"Well you'd be wrong. The best way I would describe Makeoli is that it is a combination of milk, white wine and sprite and is served in bowls and is strong enough to stop a rhino on acid. Potent bloody stuff and gives you a hangover that pisses on any Stella hangover I've ever had. Let's just say it's an acquired taste. 
Throw in a good ol pub quiz and it's a good night. Didn't win the quiz though!!! Balls!

Some of my new Korean family...well they're not Korean but you know what I mean.
Gen and Shaun at Jeep

We have also had the IAAF athletics here and is actually just finishing up today. The stadium is pretty close to where I live so I had to go. It's an awesome venue and didn't think I'd get in to it as much as I did, but the ladies pole vault final was very exciting...I'm sure there's a joke about women handling poles but I'm not going to be drawn into such vulgarity. 

So life is pretty good. I like my job, I have met some great people, I've seen great athletes at work, I've taken part in my first norebang, I've eaten some interesting food, and some pretty gross food so I am very excited about the next 11 months. 

Bring on next week, Korean Thanksgiving. 5 day weekend bring it on!!!

Adios folks