Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Summer is coming.....

Summer is well and truly on it's way to Korea. What better way than to spend a long weekend than a camping trip with your buddies. Children's Day and Buddha's birthday fell on a Monday and Tuesday receptively, allowing us a solid 4 day break away from snotty, yucky, over bearing, wonderful little kids. I love them but a long break away is always nice....and in theory you get to recharge your batteries. 

With the organisational integrity of the French military we got ourselves together to just about get the bus down to Busan....(cause all the trains had sold out). A cheeky meet and greet involving a couple of beers, we spend one night in a traditional love motel....3 to a bed. The lucky trio was myself Dan and Tim. Koreans are pretty small, generally speaking, but us three managed to fit nicely in this huge bed.

My tent is that teeny weeny green one in the middle of the photo. Found it on a website and it was pretty cheap. It said it  would fit 2-3 people. hmmmm...2-3 Korean people. I was supposed to be in there with my two love motel buddies. Fortunately, Tim could stay somewhere else. I was stuck with little Dan. Who is chasing the frisbee in the photo below. We just about fit...but my head and feet were almost busting through the walls. This is by far a One Chubb tent.

My efforts to kick Dan out on the second night were thwarted by the fact he snuck in there whilst I was away. This little munchkin of a kid snores worse than a 70 year old fat man that had been smoking for 60 years with a bad cold. He woke up with some black eyes.

Up early and our destination is a little island down at the south of Korea called Namhae. A beautiful little spot and a real mecca for camping enthusiasts. So it was no surprise to find all the camping spots just off the beach taken.

Rallying the troops we figure out a spot pretty close to the beach....we named it the spider sanctuary.....for obvious reasons. Zip up our tents chaps unless you want some unwanted guests in the night.

Frisbees and beers in hand we head to a pretty quiet beach. You sort of see a look in the locals eye when 20 foreigners show up and pitch up next to you. Hopefully we can keep the stereotypes down to a minimum this weekend.

Bonfires (eventually after the fun police buggered off), fireworks, a beer or two and goods time were had by all.

The weekend was spent exploring the area around our beach, frisbee time, a couple of beers (cough cough) and blagging lifts around the place cause there wasn't a taxi to be seen in this tiny little place.

I could make a fortune opening a little restaurant and operating a taxi service on this beach. Millions I tell you....Millions.

There's also a strange little village nearby that we checked out on our way back to Daejeon. A German village. Back in the day teh Korean government and the German government had an agreement to allow a lot of medical students to study in Germany. Then they realised that they all stayed in Germany. So they built a German village to try and entice all the Korean Germans to come back and retire in this little area. 

A funny place, inundated with tourists looking at unfamiliar architecture and looking for wurst and German beer. I'd lose my mind if I were a resident there. Your home is essentially a tourist attraction that is fair game to photo and in some cases enter. get off my lawn!!

We had our sausage and a little walk around the area and then headed back to Daejeon....and truth be told I think we all needed another holiday by the end of it. All that...ermmm...sunshine , BBQ's  and occasional beer.

Thank you Children's Day and happy birthday Buddha for an excellent little adventure. Looking forward to our next camping trip....but Dan can sleep anywhere else!!!