Monday, 11 March 2013

Day 25 on crutches

It has now been 25 full days that I have been stranded on is really starting to suck balls!!!

achievements so far:

making the entire bar staff at a bar believing I saved a baby from an oncoming bus (in fairness some of this may have been lost in translation)
making a room full of 11 year olds believe I was attacked by a bear, and another room of kids that my bungee chord broke.
a mere 6 seconds legless crutch hold/levitate/i don't know what to call it but my legs didn't touch the ground for 6 seconds
free drinks for being a one legged cripple.....erm.....of non-alchoholic beer. honest. because drinking on crutches would be dangerous and silly.

I have however, missed out on the nicest day of the year here with a whopping 25C (in March remember)  last Saturday and Sunday was pretty good too. Crutches + Heat = Sweaty Chubby.

Hopefully only another 10 days to go and let's see what else I can get up to.

(come to think of it I don't even think they have non-alcoholic beer in Korea)