Monday, 3 June 2013

Sun is shining...head to the beach.

There are some things that should never really be put into writing as a record of events. This weekend might be one of those occasions...

Adnan organised a pension in Nakseon. This is in the North East of Korea. Not too far from them crazy buggers firing rockets and pretending they have a clue what's going on.....anyway, I digress. 

Adnan organising things means another trip up to Chuncheon. This in itself not an issue, I just have memories of the last ride back from Min's Cabin. All in all about 40 people are probably attending so we've rented out a huge place and organised a bus to take us all there. The bus leaves Cgu town at 0930 Saturday morning. So it would be foolish to go out Friday night....mwahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa

The next thing I know we're getting ready to leave for the bus...sleep count 0.00. Oh dear. 3 hours on a bus to the beach isn't going to us with joy. But we rock and roll our way there. We've packed a few provisions and there's a Starbucks right by the bus so that should sort me out. ......sidenote. The girl that served me coffee is going to England and spending some time in Brighton. I very possibly gave ut some phone numbers of people in Brighton. Ooops. 

Buses in Korea can vary dramatically from spacious seating to shit holes mule pulled crappers. We organise a norebus...translation singing bus. After a night out that's the last thing you really want to get involved in.......unless you're like Andrei and myself and think that a we nip of soju's finest into a latte would grease the wheels and keep everything ticking over. Needless to say everyone had packed similar provisions, and when we had a wee stop our supplies were well and truly restocked. 
This was not only the longest three hour bus ride of my life, but by far the most insane, outrageous, song filled and fun bus ride of my entire life. 

We arrive, change into some beach gear and head to the sands....again packed with provisions for such an event; frisbee, bat and ball, juggling balls, towels, sunglasses and enough booze to sink a ship should we have gotten on one. 

They day consists of drinking games, ball games, drinking, swimming, wrestling, drinking catch, sand sculpting, some drinking and at one point i think there was a dog and a small Asian child involved. 

With good times being had by all, the Sun eventually had to ruin everybody's fun. Back to the pension....after resupplying, of course, we order 7000 giant pizzas to snack on and it's time to lay claim to a space on the floor to kip on later. 
Showering would have been my next priority, but sharing 2 showers between 50 (and having had a skinful) decided the sea had done this job for me. 

I had an extremely surreal moment when the pizzas arrived about 8pm and I was convinced it was 8am and found it strange that a pizza company would deliver so many pizzas this early in the morning. A chuckle was had by all and a beer put me straight back in the frame. 

The rest of the evening I can leave to the imagination of people in a remote countryside pension, we had a kareoke machine, pool table, hammocks, swings, cards, face paint, fireworks, random Koreans and of course drinking games. An excellent night was had by me, and I can only presume everyone else. But after being awake for about 45 hours, I'd had all I could take. 

We spent Sunday cleaning, hit the beach and then I had the same exact problem getting back to Daejeon!!! Took me another 8 hours to get back!!! Not really what you want on a day like that. Oh well. It was worth it.