Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10 things that a waygook-in finds tough in Korea

1: I’d say the thing that just kicks me in the ass every time I hear it is old folk hocking their guts up. These old codgers do it everywhere. They smoke a lot in korea and you can really tell when they hit a certain age cause it’s completely acceptable to “aaacchhhh…..toopth”…and send some phlegm across the street. You’ll be on the subway, and if you are lucky enough to be near the old, preggers and disabled section then these chaps will unload sneeze after cough after hock….truely gross!

2: Korean Logic…..sometimes I ask myself how these guys have made it this far??!! Their sense of logic is mindboggling. Ok, example, Traffic lights in most intersections will only have a green light on for one lane in one direction at a time. So when you're sitting there in your cab at a red light for 5 minutes trying to catch your you want to kill someone!!!! 

3: Korean work ethic…Whilst I respect how hard these guys work I need to point out that there are builders working outside my bedroom window EVERY DAY! And have been for weeks now. And it never stops! It’s Sunday guys, 7am….PUT…THE …F*&$%#*…..DRILL….DOWN!!! It starts from a young age. These poor kids are working all day all the time. They get up at 6 and normally are in some kind of school until at least 10pm. These are 12 year old kids…It’s no wonder why Korean lack a certain social awareness. 

4: Food. 2 words…silk worms. END

5: K-Pop. You go out and you basically hear one long song by Koreans that basically look the same (in the same outfit. Not a racisist comment) and are adored by kids here for reasons unknown. The lyrics are hilarious and never appropriate…’bringing all the boys in’ always going to be a classic, but when its being sung by a wee 11 year old girl you have to ask what the heck is going on here. 
It’s a way of life over here….nutters

6: The Korean Bullet train. It's pretty cool and dead fast but to get a seat on the bloody thing you need to book 7 or 8 years in advance. I exaggerate, but when a one and a half hour journey turns into a 4 hour journey you're left a little miffed. This also relates to korean logic. Buggers are a right pain sometimes. 

7: Korean insulation....doesn't exist. It's getting very cold here. 

OK so i'm really picking at straws now. I can't actually think of 10 things just yet. I'm really enjoying my time in Korea. 

I'm going to leave you with a picture of Seoul Tower....

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